Bootstrap available – block 1491608 – 27th March 2021

Bootstrap available – block 1491608 – 27th March 2021

Here is the bootstrap file to speed up the update of new wallets just installed (or with synchronization problems).

Windows systems

On your computer open the folder (by default located in C: \ Users \ your_username \ AppData \ Roaming \ BitcoinAdult) where the Bitcoin Adult wallet blockchain is saved.
Make a backup copy of the wallet.dat file for safety (copy this file to another secure folder) and delete the two folders “blocks” and “chainstate”.
Download the .zip file and unzip it in the folder where you deleted the two folders.
Restart the wallet and wait for it to synchronize with the network.

Unix systems

To update the wallet installed on Unix systems (for example if you have installed a Masternode on Ubuntu) go to the folder where there are the two directories “blocks” and “chainstate”
use the command:
find -iname chainstate
the folder containing the directories of interest will be shown
for example: ./.btad/chainstate
moved to the necessary folder with the command:
cd ./.btad/
check that the two folders “blocks” and “chainstate” are present with the ls command
at this point delete them with the commands:
rm -r blocks
rm -r chainstate

download the bootstrap file with the command:
finished downloading unzip the files with the command:
once finished unzipping the files reboot the system

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